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Wild Troops are the newest addition of Troops to Game of War. They have a rather barbaric and tribal-like theme. Unlike both Troops and Strategic Troops, the Tier 1 Wild Troops aren't unlocked after the Tutorial with Athena, but are only accessible after completing the Wild Combat research. Doing so can be done with an Academy lv. 1, but they require quite a lot of resources to unlock (Some over 5 million) and require the Troop Training Capacity III research, which has a default timer of 107 days. Wild Troops are similar to Strategic Troops in the way they work in combat. Each Troop type is very strong against one other type, but they are weaker to all other types of Troops, and Defences.

Wild Troops are most effective against enemy Strategic Troops, and are less effective against enemy Standard Troops.

Training Troops:
Troops can be trained one in two ways. The most common way to train Troops is using a Barracks building. Tapping a Barrack will bring up an interface, similar to that of the Wall. Here the player can choose whether to train Troops, Strategic Troops or Wild Troops. This Barracks menu can also be accessed by going to the "More" options in the bottom right corner, and tapping "Train".

Healing is a similar process to salvaging Traps. Rather than troops being killed in battle instantly, there is a chance some can end up wounded and in a players Hospital. Wounded Troops can be healed for half the recourses it would cost to train them again from square 1.

Wild Troop combat triangle:


are very strong vs cavalry, but weak vs Ranged, Infantry & Defences


are very strong vs Infantry, but weak vs Cavalry, Ranged & Defences


are very strong vs Ranged, but weak vs Infantry, Cavalry & Defences

To unlock new troops a user needs to use the academy to research new means of producing stronger troops, as well as upgrading their stats. For the main category, see units.

Basic Strategic Wild
Tier 1 InfantrySwordsmenSpearmenBarbarians
SiegeBattering RamTrojan HorseBallista Ravager
Tier 2 InfantryHoplitesPeltastsAxemen
RangedSkirmish ArcherRangersAxe Throwers
CavalryLight CavalryScythed ChariotsMarauders
SiegeBallistaSpear TowerDragonfire Cannon
Tier 3 InfantryArmored PikemenPhalangiteBerserkers
CavalryCompanion CavalryLancersAmazons
SiegeSiege TowerFlaming TrebuchetWar Ram
Tier 4 InfantryImmortalsLegionnairesValkyries
CavalryWar ElephantsCataphractsJuggernauts
SiegeOnagerBarricade DrillSiege Elephant

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