There are many useful places on the web for different kinds of information in regards to Game of War. Here are some quick links to get you started. If you have any suggestions for websites to list, please do comment them below.

Machine Zone's Official Game of War Blog

This is the official Blog hosted by Machine Zone , the company that created Game of War.

Game of War on Facebook

The official Game of War Facebook page, be sure to like and follow the page for game updates.

Game of War on Twitter

The official Game of War twitter page, the best place to get all your Game of War updates to stay in the loop.

Game of War Alliances Wiki

A wiki run by the Game of War wiki dedicated to helping index and advertise clans, sorted into kingdoms and alliancy types, so you can find a live alliance, without havign to filter through a bunch of farmign alliances. This wiki is not 100% opperational, and wont receice much work untl the Game of War wiki is complete. Your best best is to use the alliance board on the forums here: Board:Alliances

Building and Research Calculators

As well as more information in regards to updates and skill trees, check out the unofficial website:

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