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XVerax's Profile

Hello, my name is Rhys, and my player name is "XVerax" in Game of War. I reside in the SOMA Kingdom, and spend most of my time in the [SOMA] Alliance.

Whenever I take the time off from editing parts of the wiki, and actually living, I'll spend some time working on this profile page to include some information about my Game of War stuffs, for you to see.

Please be aware, that if you wish to use my profile as a template for your own, I don't mind. :) If you do choose to use it, please let me know so I can take a look, so I can check it out! Also this page is still in development and may change a bit over the next few months as I slowly take the time to edit it.

Wiki Projects

Primarily, my goal is to fix up the navigation so users can easily find content they're looking for, or can stumble upon something that may be of use or of some interest to them. The easiest way to do this I see, however, is going through what content we already have, improving it, completing it, making it organised, indexing it, sorting out all the categories, and then making links to it on the homepage and navigation.

At the moment I'm working on cleaning up all of the information in the "Game of War" section of the navigator, starting with Units, as they had a lot of work to be done, Wild Troops needed to be added, and there was no information on Traps or Strategic Traps, just pages for each trap saying "Tier X ____ Trap."

Recently Updated:
> Troops *COMPLETE*
> Strategic Troops *COMPLETE*
> Traps *COMPLETE*
> Strategic Traps *COMPLETE**

Currently working on:
> Quests
> Updating the Homepage, new fresh look and a Contents section and designing logos/banners.
>Creating a Template to use on the Quest pages, so they can all be added to category pages.

To-Do list:
> Edit the Buildings pages, re categorise them, and fix all that up, make it neat and tidy, add building images as PNG's, and make a new template for the pages.
Create a Tiles page containing all of the tiles found on the map.

Game of War Profile

> Section Coming Soon.
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