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Primary Resources are necessary for progression in the game and are used in the construction of buildings and the training of troops. The basic resources are:
  • Stone: harvested from a Quarry
  • Wood: harvested from a Logging Camp
  • Ore: harvested from a Mine
  • Silver: harvested from a Villa or a Fort
  • Food: harvested from a Farm

Additionally there are Special Resources that are not necessary in order to grow in power, but they give players significant advantages. These resources can be used to purchase items from the Alliance Store or Item Store. They are:

  • Loyalty Points: Earned from the Corrections function or completing Alliance Quests.
  • Gold: found in random chests or purchased in the Gold Store. This can also be gathered from a Gold Temple. This is harvested 1 gold for every 15 minutes the tile is occupied.

The goal is the build up your power by building your city, hero, and mainly troops. Upgrade Barracks to produce more at once.