File:Super Wonder.png

The Super Wonder was first introduced ??date?? and is located within the Kingdom of Fire (Kingdom #4).

Only players with Stronghold Level-21 can enter the Kingdom of Fire. To enter into the Kingdom of fire, one must not only meet the stronghold requirement, but must also be in possession of a Legendary Teleport, at a cost of 99,999 gold. and is only available when the stronghold requirement is reached, meaning you cannot purchase one beforehand or in preparation.

The Emperor of the Kingdom of Fire has the power to issue titles to any kingdom, and gains many powerful boosts from his or her own title.

The resource tiles found in the Kingdom of fire are far more abundant and generous than those in other, regular kingdoms, often containing several million of their respective resource. Another generosity is the presence of far more gold tiles, as well as monsters that only spawn gold tiles when killed.