Speed Ups, also known as "Ups" are items that reduce the timer on most in game actions such as Research, Building, Training, Crafting and increasing Troop March speed.

Primary Speedups

There are the more common Speed ups seen and used in game. They can be bought from the Store in exchange for gold, and some can be purchased from the Alliance Store. They can additionally be bought within gold bundles, and treasures.

Image Speed Up Gold Loyalty
1 Minute Speed Up 1 Minute 5
15 Minute Speed Up 15 Minute 70
60 Minute Speed Up 60 Minute 130 50,000
3 Hour Speed Up 3 Hour 300 150,000
8 Hour Speed Up 8 Hour 650
15 Hour Speed Up 15 Hour 1,000
24 Hour Speed Up 24 Hour 1,500
3 Day Speed Up 3 Day 4,400
7 Day Speed Up 7 Day 10,000
30 Day Speed Up 30 Day 40,000


Speed up treasures can be bought in the Store in the Treasures tab. They are bundles of Speed Ups which can save both time and gold when buying individual Speeds.

Additional Speed Ups

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