Solo Events are events that any player may participate in. These events run for one hour each, including a 5 minute prep time.

Players are given a set goal to achieve in tiers of three, with various awards distributed as each tier is conquered.

Events may consist of:

Attacking monsters for X points/Killing a monster for Y points - The higher the monster's level, the more points yielded.

Gambling at the casino - Every bet placed will yield X points. High rollers will earn more points this way.

Increasing your power - Every point of power increase will give you one point. Lowering your power level by destroying buildings, taking down walls or losing troops does not decrease your points, and may be exploited to earn them.

Train troops and raise wall traps - Every troop type and trap type has a set value of points given for each unit produced of that type.

Resource gatherer - Various resources yield various point values.

if you do particularly well during an event, you could earn a ranking that will earn you additional items.

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