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Skirmish Archers are a Tier 2 Ranged unit that can only be unlocked after getting a Level 8 Academy and Lv.2 Range Defense. They are slightly stronger, and harder to kill then their Tier 1 predecessors. Although they are improved, Skirmish Archers are slightly slower than their Tier 1 comrades. They also have improved stats giving them extra defensive/offensive power and a larger load size, meaning they can gather more resourses from tiles. These troops have a small silver cost to train.


  • Better Attack, Defense and Health then all Tier 1 units.
  • Strong Vs Infantry/Siege.


  • Slower then all Tier 1 units.
  • Weak Vs Cavalary/Defenses.
  • Take longer to train than their Tier 1 counterpart.
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