Resource help, also known as trade, allows a player to send resources (wood, stone, ore, food, or silver) to members of his/her alliance.  A Marketplace is required for this.  When a player sends a trade, it will move at their non-hero march speed, including any research or buffs they have.  It may be sped up with any of the three march speedup items. RSS is the abbreviation for Resources.

Resource help is vital to raising alliance power in a short time.  

Hyper farming is a common method for gathering desired resources quickly. For example, if you are in need of Stone, set all of your hero points to Stone Production and research Stone Production in your Academy, giving you a total bonus of 456%. You can also then replace all rural tiles with Quarries, leaving only 1 Farm, Logging Camp, Mine, and Gold Mine (If you have one).

Original article written by Mansafzalama from Kingdom#110