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Game of War gives you the ability to rally troops together for large scale attacks on a single opponent. Rallies may only be carried out against cities in an alliance, or on cities at Stronghold 15 or above. The maximum amount of troops that can fit in any rally is 2,375,000, which requires the rally leader to have a level 21 hall of war and a 50% march size increase. You may not target encampments, resource tiles or non-allianced cities for a rally.

To begin a rally click on the target city then click the rally button. The next screen will display time choices ranging from 5 minutes to 8 hours. This is the amount of time all other armies have to join your rally. When this timer finishes the march will begin. You can support only a certain number of troops in your rally based on the level of your city's Hall of War.

Fake rallies are set up in basically the same way and are used to protect your troops and hero while you are not playing the game. To set up a fake rally find a city that is in a very weak alliance (you don't even want to fake an attack on a powerful alliance), that is as far away as the game will allow you to march. When the choice comes up for the

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length of rally simply choose the amount of time you would like your hero and troops protected. Once you commit your troops to the rally they will not be attackable until after the rally marches and returns to your city. For example if you

set an 8 hour rally and march to a city thats 1 hour away, this will buy you 10 hours of safety for your troops and hero (8 for the rally time, 1 for the march to the city and 1 for the march back). Good for use if you feel like taking a break from the game but don't want to use a peace shield. As a side note you may want to warn your alliance that you are setting up a fake rally if it is something they are not used to seeing. If one of your allies commits troops to your fake rally they will be stuck without troops until the rally marches or until you cancel the rally.

To cancel a rally (real or fake rally) on the kingdom map, click the soldier in the upper right hand corner, choose the rally, then click cancel.

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