The Kingdom is the world view where you interact with other players, gather resources from tiles, and engage in warfare. 

The Wonder

Within the center of all Kingdoms lies a Wonder .  Within every kingdom, the Wonder is usually at the coordinates 256:512.  

Wonder Forest

The Wonder is surrounded by the Wonder Forest, a dense area of forest that causes troop movements to be slowed by (some%).  This includes direct line troop movements, where you want to get to a tile and any Wonder Forest tile is in the way.  

These tiles will only slow the march when they encounter it, so even if the direct line path takes the march through the Wonder Forest, they will march full speed until they encounter the forest.  Once they reach the end of the forest, the march will resume full speed march again.

Kingdom Types


As a new player, you are randomly added to a Protected Kingdom, where the players there are generally newer players and all have roughly the same level of experience within the game. 


A kingdom is considered Ancient when a certain amount of time has passed.