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Daily Quests

Daily quests are time-based quests in which the player will be rewarded on completion, much like Alliance Quests and VIP Quests. Daily Quests are refreshed every 6 hours, whether they have all been completed or not. The quests can range from basic (1.5-7 minutes) to epic and legendary quests, taking well over an hour or two. Tapping the quest, before beginning it will tell the player all the rewards they will receive upon completion. Rewards typically consist of Hero XP, Power and Resources.

A player can start a Daily Quest by tapping the "Begin" button beside the desired quest. The amount of quests the player can do/gain per refresh is dependant on their VIP level. The higher the VIP, the more Daily Quests the player will receive. Additionally, the player is able to instantly complete all their Daily quests if they are above a certain VIP level. Any VIP prestige, level 1 VIP is able to complete all quests with the exception of Alliance quests. Any completed quests will not be lost when the timer resets, and the reward can be claimed at a later time, however, it may take up a space that could obtain a new quest, if it was claimed before the reset.

Daily Chance
Daily chances refresh the Daily Quests, but it does NOT refresh the expiry/refresh timer. It is recommended to use Daily Chances when the player has VIP enabled and can quickly complete a lump sum of Quests at a time, to ensure they get all the rewards. Additionally, saving all Daily Chance's until higher VIP levels can yield many more rewards.

Daily chances can be obtained through gameplay as rewards from various events, or purchased for Gold800 each from the item store under the "Special" section.

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