Core equipment is crafted in your forge, and requires two special items, a core and a piece. You can obtain these things the same way that you find regular crafting materials, with quests, monsters, gathering, combat and chests.

You are required to have researched the required Core Mastery in crafting research to craft core equipment. Core Masteries come in levels 1 to 6, which corresponds to the level of an item you can craft.

How to Craft

Once you have a core, a piece and the matching mastery researched, you can make an item of core equipment. There is a tab in the forge which can bring up all of your cores and pieces.

Cores can be found for each inventory slot. Selecting a core will show the statistics your item would have after crafting. You then select the piece or pieces you wish to combine with your core in the pieces tab. The numbers will update to show the statistics your final item may have every time you add a piece.

Once you have the pieces and the core you want, you can tap the craft button.  Your final item will have all the statistics shown before you crafted it, but will have random percentages from the range you have.  Remember that like relic equipment, core equipment can expire. 

Incomplete list of Cores:

Aloe Staff Core
Anatolian Helm Core
Anubis Idol Staff Core
Ancient Garb Core
Ancient Medallion Core
Ancient Wings Core
Armor of Caesar Core
Asteroid Core
Ball and Chain Core
Ballista Bow Core
Blinded Eye Core
Bloodstone Shield Core
Boar Helm Core
Centurian Armor Core
Centurian Helm Core
Centurian Spear Core
Champions Armor Core
Comet Core
Concealing Boot Core
Conjoined Parasitic Core
Crystal Heart Core
Cyclops' Drum Core
Dark Helm Core
Dhal Shield Core
Elephant Helm Core
Elephant Hide Body Armor Core
Faded Headdress Core
Faded Knife Core
Fallen Champion's Gauntlet Core
Fan Blade Core
Feathered Shoulderguards Core
Fins of Pisces Core
Firecracker Core
Fisherman's Cup Core
Fisherman's Robe Core
Fisherman's Spear Core
Flute Core
Fork Sword Core
Fur Protector Core
Gallant Helm core
Griffin Wing Armour core
Harp Core
Harpy Comb Core
Haunted Flask Core
Hawkridge Helm Core
Headdress Core
Helix Sword Core
Helm of the Forest Core
Helm of Valour Core
Heron Headdress Core
Hog Quiver Core
Ice Crystal Core
Inflated Armor Core
Jeweled Bangle Core
Jeweled Pin Core
Krampus Horned Club
Krampus Pauldron Gauntlet
Lamellar Armor Core
Lamia's Song Core
Leg Warmers Core
Minotaur Helm Core
Minotaur Horn Core
Muzzle Mask Core
Naga's Tail Core
Nose Chain Core
One-arm Armor Core
Ornate Hairpin Core
Ouroboros Core
Pareo Core
Peshesh-Kef Wand Core
Pharaoh's Helmet Core
Pharaoh's Necklace Core
Plated Greaves Core
Plated Sabatons Core
Prosthetic Leg Core
Red Scale Boots Core
Rib Bone Bow Core
Ring Blade Core
Roman Standard Core
Royal Sabaton Core
Sacrifical Sword Core
Sai Core
Samurai Armour Core
Scarab Sandals Core
Scaramax Core
Shipwrecked Boots Core
Shoulder Pad Core
Spartan Edge Core
Spider Hide Legplates Core
Spider Switch Sword Core
Steel Mask Core
Swine Bone Boot Core
Titan Shin Core
Tribal Boots Core
Turtle Shield Core
Turtle Toe Armour Core
Tusk Helm Core
War Drum Core
War Hammer Core
Warlord Helm Core
Winged Greaves Core
Wolfsbane Corset Core

Incomplete list of Pieces:

Adhesive Mixture
Ancient Sea Fossil
Ancient Spearhead
Antique Pottery
Arachne Brooch
Armour Plate
Asgardian Ingot
Aspect of Infinity
Astral Essence
Axe Head
Baboon's Protection
Baroques Pearl
Bamboo Handles
Bane of Corruption
Basilisk Egg
Beastkepper's Lock
Benben Stone
Bennu Feathers
Birch Branch
Bird Coin
Bird Toy
Black Acorn
Black Fur Crest
Black Fur Mantle
Black Pearl
Blood Crystal
Blood Seaweed
Blood Stained Cloth
Bloodstoned Pebble
Bottled Starlight
Bottle Cap
Branding Iron
Brass Key
Broken Antler
Bronze Coins
Bronze Doves
Bronze Swirls
Butcher's Broom
Calling Bell
Cards of Fate
Cat Statue
Celestial Essence
Chalice of Destruction
Cicada Jewel
Cloth Button
Coating Glaze
Cockatrice Skull
Colorful Feather
Commet Trail
Corrosive Acid
Cosmic Essence
Cosmic Ether
Cracked Horn
Crown of Humility
Crystal Glass
Cursed Jar
Cursed Stone
Cursed Visions
Cutlass Handle
Deaths Touch
Decaying Flesh
Decomposing Scales
Deer Pelt
Deep Sea Water
Desert Sand
Dire Bile
Dog Bone
Dragon Eye
Dragon Foot
Dragon King Scales
Dragon Neck Scales
Dragon Nostrils
Dragon Pearls
Dragon Tail Spade
Dragon Wing Web
Dragon Soul
Eagle Standard
Earth Icon
Earth Runestone
Earthen Jar
Elegant Red Ribbon
Embalming Tool
Emerald Leather
Emerald Spines
Emerging Sun
Enchanted Silk
Engraved Silver
Eternal Curse
Eternal Wisdom
Eye of Horus
Fabric Dyes
Fatty Oil
Fiber Cushion
Fine Powder
Frost Kissed Edge
Frost Ore
Frozen Breath
Frozen Soul
Gold Dust
Grass Thorn
Gun Powder
Herald of Anguish
Ice Crystal
Icy Grip
Ivory Powder
Katana Pommel
Lucky Coins
Mesh Square
Metal Wire
Mystic Knot
Nail Stake
Natural Magnet
Nightmare Affliction
Ornamental Pin
Persian Gold Roundel
Pilfered Gold
Plagued Heart
Planetary Void
Polish Liquid
Primer Paint
Rattled Bones
Raven's Eye
Red Envelope
Round Beads
Shards of Ice
Ship Bell
Shoulder Plates
Sign of Taurus
Silk Thread
Silver Anklet
Silver Seal
Slimy Tongue
Smoky BBQ Sauce
Soft Sponge
Spring Coil
Starlight Essence
Storm Soul
Terrifying Krampus Bells
Thick Lens
Three-Legged Toad
Valhalla's Blessing
Valkyries' Wings
War Baton
War Elephant Tusk
Whispers of Ragnarok
Wolf's Teeth
Wood Lacquer
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