Some items are unique and can't be crafted. These items must be obtained by purchasing gold from the store. Many of these item provide unique boosts that are not found in craftable equipment, though some (like Hephaestus' Hammer, which boosts construction) do replicate craftable boosts. These unique items are unlocked at gold levels one, two, three, five, and thereafter in increments of five  (ten, fifteen, twenty, etc.)

Gold Gift Level Item Boosts
1 Hermes' Sandals March Speed +5%
2 Hephaestus' Hammer Construction Speed +16%
3 Enyo's Grace Trap Training Speed +8%
5 Hades' Helm (40) Training Speed +12%
March Speed +5%
10 Athena's Blade Troop Attack +5%
15 Prometheus' Boon Troop Training Speed +18%
Trap Training Speed +6%
20 Apollo's Wreath Hero XP +15%
25 Rhea's Blessing Upkeep Reduction +8%
Food Production +15%
40 Artemis' Bow March Speed +10%
Gathering Speed +36%
45 Pallas' Idol (30)

Strategic Troop Defense Bonus + 18%
Troop Defense Bonus + 18%
Trap Attack + 14%
Strategic Trap Attack +14%

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