Research is performed through the use of the Academy building. It is used for unlocking new troops and traps, both standard and strategic, as well as wild troops. Research also provides additional benefits such as extra troop attack, defense, health and other stats, increased resource productions, and many other boosts, buffs and debuffs to enemies.

Research normally takes a lot of time and resources, so it is quite a vital part of success that the player joins a helpful alliance to get support for their research. Speedups become vital for higher tier's of research, as they can begin to take well over 50 days to complete, so it is recommended to save as many speedups as possible for these massive research timers.

Strategic & Wild Siege

Strategic & Wild Siege Research

Strategic & Wild Siege Research.

Strategic & Wild Siege Research is the Research tree providing all the research required to unlock Strategic and Wild Siege units. These units were added to the game April 21, 2016. The research tree consists of each of the siege units, as well as buffs including: Strategic and Wild Siege Defense, Rally Attack Debuff, Enemy Health Debuff II, Enemy Defense Debuff II and Hero Preset III.

Wild Traps

Wild Traps Research

Wild Traps Research.

Wild Traps Research is the Research tree primarily providing all of the unlocks for the Wild Traps, which were added to the game May 4, 2016. This research tree also includes Wild Trap Defense and Attacks buffs as well as some additional Troop bonuses including Troop Defense IV, Troop Health III and Troop Attack II.

Wild Combat

Wild Combat Research

Wild Combat Research.

Wild Combat Research is the Research tree which provides the ability to unlock the different tiers or Wild Troops. This Research tree also includes: upgrades for the Troop Training Capacity (III and IV), Wild Troop Attack, Defense and Health upgrades and Enemy Defense and Health Debuff's.

Set Bonus

Set Bonus Research

Set Bonus Research.

Set Bonus Research is the Research tree providing additional benefits for Set Gear. This includes: an increased Base Set with Normal and Core Helments, Armour, Weapons, Foot Armour and Accessories. As well as additional Full Set bonuses, March and Hero Preset unlocks and Specialized Hero/Production/Economy/Research/Crafting/Training/Defence/Attack Bonuses.


Defense Research

Defense Research.

Defense Research is the Research tree providing additional defensive benefits. It includes: additional Trap Defense and Health, Enemy Attack and Health debuffs, increased Trap Building Speed, Attack and Capacity upgrades, reduced Trap Building Cost's, increased Help Capacity, Resistance to Defence and Health Debuff's from enemies, increased Hospital and Troop Training Capacity and reduced March Speeds.


March Research

March Research.

March Research is the Research tree providing additional March and Attack boosts. This includes: increased March Speeds and Sizes, Embassy Troop Capacity, Recourse Help Capacity and Trade Speed, Hero Attack, Troop Defence, Health and Attack, Hero Presets, Enemy Attack, Defence and Health Debuffs, and increased Rally Capacities. There are also reduced Tax and Rally Times.


Crafting Research

Crafting Research.

Crafting Research is the Research tree providing crafting benefits. These include: Increased Gathering and Crafting Speed, chances of finding Piece materials, unlocking higher Core Masteries (Level 1-6), reduced debuffs from crafting with cores, additional gem slots, Reduced Costs, and increased crafting chances.


Restorative Research

Restorative Research.

Restorative Research is the Research tree dedicated to reducing training and salvaging costs and time, so players can get back into battle faster. Additional research includes: increased Troop March Slots, March Speed, Altar Bonus Durations, Luck, and increased Core and Relic Equipment durations.


Hero Research

Hero Research.

Hero Research is the Research tree...

Hero research mainly focuses on research to buff a characters Hero. These buffs help the Hero to defeat Monsters around the map and grant both the player and the alliance with gifts. Some of the research under the Hero category helps with marches and the general empire, but these buffs are only in use when the Hero is present in the empire, or in the march. To find out more information about the different Research in the Hero category, please click Here.


Combat Research

Combat Research.

Combat research is the place to find all the important research for the standard troops. The research in this category is helpful for raising these troops attack and defensive stats, training speed, scouting and unlocking new tiers of troops. To find out more information on the individual research in the Combat category, please click Here.

Strategic Combat

Strategic Combat Research

Strategic Combat Research.

Strategic research is very similar to standard combat research, however it only works for unlocking new tiers of strategic troops. There are no additional benefits to strategic troop research, unlike the combat section that allows the player to upgrade march speed, but only the attack, defense and health of strategic troops. To find out more about the different research under the Strategic Combat Research, please head Here.

Wall Traps

Wall Traps Research

Wall Traps Research.

Wall traps defend the players empire by damaging attacking troops. Research under this category can speed up the building process of traps, the attack and defense stats and is used to unlock new tiers of standard traps. For more information on the research under the Wall Traps category, please click Here.

Strategic Wall Traps

Strategic Wall Traps Research

Strategic Wall Traps Research.

Strategic Wall Traps Research works very similar to the standard Wall Traps Research, but focusses on only strategic traps. This research allows the player to unlock higher tiers of Strategic Wall raps as well as upgrade the defense and attack ratings. There is no research under this category to increase the building speed or anything else of use. To learn more about these traps and research, take a look Here.


Economics Research

Economics Research.

Economics Research is a must have for any empire. This category helps speed up construction timers, marching speeds, troop loads, so they can carry more resources from tiles, their gathering speed on times, and the gathering speed on Gold tiles. In addition, there is research to increase the output of farms within the empire walls, making them produce more resources, and increase the total amount of resources they can store before they stop producing. Find more information Here.

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