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The user's Power is marked in red at the top.

Althought players have their own "Hero Level", that is raised by experience 

points (Exp) it is not however a players overall level. The powerlevel, is a combination of a users traps, troops and upgrades, such as the stronghold or any other building. The power level has nothing to do with the amount of resources a user has, but can be increased by pretty much any addition to an empire.

The power [level] of a user can be found at the very top of their game, in the very middle, and can be seen by other players through their public profile.

How To Increase Power

Almost any activity in an empire will reward power, excluding quests. Buildings reward a player with a fixed amount of power, that will only be lost from the deconstruction of that building. Upgrades to buildings will futher raise and max the set power of a user, but it can also be increased by making multiple troops and traps alike. However, if a trap or troop is destroyed in combat, it will be reflecting in a user's power.

Losing Power

When a user is attacked, or "Burned" they will typically lose a large amount of power. This is a result of the user losing troops and traps. The power can be re-claimed by healing and replacing any destroyed troops, and replacing destroyed traps.

Alliance Power

The power of an alliance is just a tally of all the members put together. As a result, an alliance may lose a lot of power from a large attack by other alliances, but can generally regain that power within a week or two, depending on how active the users are, and how much they help one another. Generally speaking, however, it may be a bad idea to pick a fight with a member from an allaince with high-powered mates. The power level of an alliance can be seen on the alliances public profile, that can be searched for in the "More" section of the game.

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