Gems enhance crafted items by adding attributes to that item to make it stronger or more suitable for a given task.

There are five basic game gems:

Gem Name Attribute Modifiers Gem
Infantry Gem

Stategic Infantry Attack

Infantry Attack

Ruby Red
Health Gem

Strategic Troop Health Bonus

Troop Health Bonus

Light Green
Siege Gem Siege Attack Yellow
Ranged Gem

Strategic Ranged Attack

Ranged Attack

Defense Gem Strategic Troop Defense Light Blue

Gems vary widely in their attribute enhancements.  Periodically, certain Seasonal Events and their associated Seasonal Event Chests will contain specialty gems that only occur for that event.

Gem Name

Seen in

Base attribute modifiers

Golem Gem Golem Pack 2014 Troop Load

Gathering Speed

Minotaur Gem Minotaur Pack 2014


Cyclops Gem

Candy Cane Gem

Cavalry Gem

Cerberus Gem

Defense Gem

Energy Cap Gem

Elite Defense Gem

Fire Gem

Fool's Gem

Golem Gem

Hades Gem

Hallows Gem

Harvest Gem

Health Gem

Hydra Gem

Infantry Gem

Jester's Gem

Luck Gem

Minotaur Gem

Ore Gem

Olympus Gem

Pachyderm's Eye Gem

Prophecy Gem

Ranged Gem

Resource Gem

Shadows Gem

Siege Gem

Silver Gem

Spring Gem

Stone Gem

Trap Gem

Troop Boost Gem

Wight's Eye Gem

Winter Gem

Wood Gem

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