At any given time there are several events that may be going on in Game of War. These are available for a limited duration and new events start when one is over.

One collects points by meeting the criteria under "How to score points".

Typically there are three reward levels with prizes listed for each reward level.

Prizes are also awarded to those who do well enough to put them in the top 100 amongst all alliances. It brings extra incentives to not just meet the minimum requirements for the prizes but to go far beyond that to score the most out of all kingdoms for that event.

I'm not 100% sure on how it works but I believe that the requirements and rewards are based off your strong hold level. im not sure on how it is split but I am starting to form the assumption that it is largely about the same levels you unlock different tiers of troops (eg. 1-6, 7-14, 15-20, 21) however this is a personal theory. The rewards definitely differ based on whatever variable MZ has set up.

Also players in each area don't compete with players of a higher or lower area. SH5's won't have to compete against SH21's for instance.

For a list of event types and brief description see below:

Common Game of War Events

There are four types of common events: All except Inferno Solo have three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard.

Solo Event

Only the player contributes to points gathered.

Inferno Solo Event

Only the player contributes to points gathered. Inferno is the next level up from hard so you can expect high rewards and greater requirements for the top prize. You also have a reduced time frame giving only an hour.

Alliance Event

Members of your alliance all contribute to the points collected. Prizes are awarded to all alliance members. You must contribute at least one point to receive the associated gifts so get in early. If you don't wish to assist at least get your name on the board early.

Kingdom Event

Similar to a solo event. But in addition to receiving rewards for reaching the various levels the points of your kingdom are compared to the points gained by another kingdom. The kingdom with the most points will win the event and are rewarded with gold mines appearing all over the kingdom. These mines are harvested much faster than normal gold mines and gold mining skill does not factor in harvest speed. Individuals who score the most points will also receive additional awards.

Uncommon Events

Kingdom Vs Kingdom

These are fighting events where each Kingdom battles holy

one chosen by the game for victory. Points are scored for killing and wounding opponents.

Colosseum Event

Players must use the associated teleport to go to the colosseum during these events. From there players can participate in the events that are on offer. All players will see these events on their tab while they are open but only those in the colosseum will be able to participate. Beware though it is a hostile place where players burn hard and fast if they aren't appropriately prepared.

Super Wonder Event

Players from all Kingdoms can fight each other for control of the Super Wonder. You need a Super Teleport (?) to transport you city to the Super Wonder to fight.

Winners of the Super Wonder Event.

January/February 2015: Stayalive 77

Before that: Kuran

Getting Points During Events

There are several different types of way to get points during events. Most events as two or three or even four ways.

Train 1 of any Tier x (strategic) troops:

Points are awarded when the troops are finished training in your barracks. (Does healing troops give points?)

Train 1 of any Tier x (strategic) traps:

Points are awarded when the traps are completed building on your walls. (Does salvaging traps give points?)

Increase research power:

Points are awarded when your research is completed

Increase building power:

Points are awarded when your building is completed

Increase power:

Points are awarded with any increase of power. (Troops created, empire quests collected, hero level up, troop healing, trap salvage, research etc.


One should attempt to line up event point rewards in several events to maximize return on activity.

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