This page is about alliance gifts.  For other types of gifts see Gifts:Disambiguation. Alliance gifts are gifts that everyone in an alliance gets when certain events are triggered.  They can be gotten in three ways: In-app Purchases, Events, and Monster Slaying.

In-App Purchases

Purchase packages typically give gifts to the player's alliance upon purchase of the package.  These are usually bronze, silver, gold, or platinum, but can also be other types, such as iron or dragon.

Event Gifts

When the player or your alliance reaches a certain level of points in a Kingdom or Alliance event, all the alliance members get a gift (usually Bronze, then Silver, and then Gold as there are three levels or scores to beat).

Monster Gifts

When a member of your alliance slays a monster, everyone gets a gift.  The gift type depends on the monster, a level two Ravenous Harpy will give everyone in the alliance a Level Two Ravenous Harpy gift.

All three of these kinds of gifts have 24 hours to be claimed. They expire after that time and you will lose them.

Secret Gifts

Also there's a different kind of gift, called a Secret gift. It's in the form of a chest that appears on the bottom-left hand side of your device. When the timer's up, the chest bounces as a hint and you can collect the gift. The timer then resets to a random amount of time and you have to wait for it to expire.

Athena Gifts

Athena (the person who gives you a tutorial when you start the game) give players a special gift from time to time. For example this happens right after the game goes into maintenance mode to promote people to log in and get rid of the shields that the game developers grant to everyone during maintenance.

Athena Gifts appear to the player every hour and have a 10 minute countdown before they can be opened

Gift Mode & Player to Player Gifts

Gift mode allows you to give purchase items with gold and give them to other players. It must be purchased as part of a gold pack from MZ. It's not always available.

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