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Urban Buildings



Alliance City Headquarters

The equivalent of your Stronghold. It controls the accessibility of construction and upgrades and provides an overview of the Alliance City's production values and buildings. Upgrade it to unlock new structures and enhancements.

Should your alliance need to change the name of the Alliance City, the alliance R5 will use the HQ for this purpose.

Hall of Quests

Hall of quests

Alliance City Hall of Quests

Grants Alliance members access to EXCLUSIVE daily Quests. Fill up the Gift Bar each time you complete an Alliance City Quest as you would in VIP Quests, and your Alliance will receive a GIFT!

Quests reset every 6 hours, but the Gift Bar resets every 24 hours. Each time the Gift Bar is filled (50,000 points), the alliance will receive a gift.

Gift points received from one quest:

basic = 25

common = 100

uncommon = 375

rare = 1,250

epic = 5,000

legendary = 12,500

At level 1, there are 35 quests available per 6hr cycle.

Resource Silo

Resource silo

Alliance City Resource Silo

Stores all the fruits of your Alliance's labor. It holds all the Resources your Alliance Members donate as well as those your Alliance City produces. As an added bonus, you will have a Resource Donations Log where you can see who is contributing to the construction your Alliance City.



Alliance City University

The equivalent of the Academy. It contains all Research performed in the Alliance City. ANY Alliance City Research boosts will ALSO apply to yours. Research will provide you with everything you need to remain a formidable Alliance!

University Upgrade

Level Research Boost Total Research Boost Time Requirements Iron Bricks Lumber Cider Deeds Might
1 0.5% 12d 1h 0m Headquarters 1 2,500 6,250 6,250 3,750 100 44,476
2 1.0% 18d 1h 12m Headquarters 2 4,500 11,250 11,250 6,750 125 73,087
3 1.5% 27d 1h 48m Headquarters 3 8,100 20,250 20,250 12,150 150 111,480
4 2.0% 40d 14h 42m Headquarters 4 18,964 47,385 47,385 28,438 175 167,325
5 2.5% 59d 19h 12m Headquarters 5 38,081 95,138 95,138 57,094 200 242,638



Uses Ore and Silver to create Coin, an invaluable Resource for your Alliance City's Research needs.

Rural Buildings

Cider Mill

File:Cider ill.png

Uses Food and Silver to create Cider, an invaluable resource for your Alliance City's Research Needs.

Cement Refinery

Cement factory

Alliance City Cement Refinery


Steel refinery

Alliance City Ironworks

Uses Ore and Stone to create Iron, an invaluable Resource for your Alliance City's construction and Research needs.


Brick refinery

Alliance City Brickworks

Uses Wood and Stone to create Bricks, an invaluable Resource for your Alliance City's construction needs.

Lumber Mill


Alliance City Lumbermill

Lumber Mill converts Food and Wood in Lumber, an invaluable Resource for your construction.

Unknown Buildings

Before Alliance Cities launched as a game feature, the in game blog mentioned some building types that have yet to appear.



Alliance City Fountain

Produces Water as a resource.



Completely unknown. May have been replaced by the Cider Mill.

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